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A Relaunch, Framed By A Pivot

December 30th 2016 marks just about the end of a year that will be remembered above all as the beginning of the Trump era. However, in some small bylines in history books, it will also be remembered as the day Lab 152 Media Group first shared with the rest of the world what they had been working on for the better part of the last two years: a masterful enterprise retooling of a great original concept – based on the premise of delivering the entire set of processes involved in the running of a record label (the business of marketing, promoting and selling media), as a service (LaaS : Label As A Service). Today is the soft launch of our product for a period of beta testing lasting a month or two.

With stronger underpinnings provided by some of the latest technologies in hardware virtualization, media and data management, distribution, cataloguing and decentralization, we’ve now replaced even more of the manual daily processes of running your digital business with a well-trimmed set of tightly integrated basic principles visible primarily as a website framework for managing all aspects of media creation, management, delivery and sales. In other words: we provide you with all the tools to manage artists and catalog – even those you don’t even know you need – so that your primary role is that of a nurturer, groomer, promoter, mentor, leader, mouth piece and champion of your artists roster and the music that they produce. Nothing else…

We take care of all those other pesky mundane repetitive aspects of your business – the hardware, software, social tack that puts your music and video closest to your fans for streaming, downloading, purchasing or simply enjoying. We make it easy for you to collect, manage, store and deliver those precious bits. We can be responsible or visible for as much or as little of your business as you feel comfortable with. With enough variety divided in the 4 packages that we offer, you should find one that fits you just right or completely does it all for you.

With a planned official launch date in early March 2017 and the Winter Music Conference soon after, we are positioning this offer to make an important, yet quiet impact at this year’s conference, just as our previous business venture did at the same conference 20 years ago.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more information and detailed descriptions and demoes of our technology posted here along with complete product catalog and special introductory prices.

Interested in working with us to deliver this LAaS (Label As a Service), we are looking for strategic partners to bolster our management and marketing offerings and a couple key investors in the areas of logistics and hardware to help us scale the business smoothly after our launch. Interested to work for us? We appreciate your support and will be accepting applications beginning in April. If you want to be one of the first to try our technology and put it to the test, please contact us directly via the contact form or email addresses on this site. We’ll be glad to get you up and running as soon as possible along with some substantial grand-father savings.

Stay tuned… Lab152 is here again to help you re-discover your deepest and most guarded creative gifts.

The Staff at Lab 152 Media Group. |